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My Approach

My methodology is rooted in transformative pedagogy and innovative interdisciplinary practice. I incorporate mixed mediums and methods to foster a sense of community and meaning making into my training, workshops and curriculum. I take a whole-person approach to my work and integrate trauma informed approaches, social emotional awareness, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), cultural sensitivity, and diverse learning styles into my practice. My technique is often artistic, acoustic, somatic, and academic aiding in “head-heart-gut connection”. By assessing the unique and specific nuances of each operating culture I enter (be it virtually or in person) I listen, curate and adapt based on the needs of the membership within that specific community to help guide them towards casting vision and working towards their overall goals. My facilitation style is intuitive and flexible aimed at cultivating unique experiential democratic education encounters. 

 “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed” – Carl Jung

Professional Development & Team Building

Tired of dry content and nodding heads? Team building does not have to be boring! Let me do the work to curate your next team retreat, board development, staff training, PD day or skill building workshop. Let your staff develop a sense of cohesion and connectivity through interactive and engaging activities that allow folks to connect in ways that would otherwise take years to develop. 

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

Now more than ever folks are reconsidering their workplace environments. Spaces that foster positive self-care practices, authenticity, and inclusion are seeing record growth, while spaces that maintain a superficial status quo and uniformity are struggling to fill vacancies. The challenge many companies have is that they often don’t know where to start. Regardless if you are just starting out, or if you have a plan to move forward I can assist with casting vision, developing a strategic plan, assessing your strategic plan, developing committees, and/or helping you to create guiding principles and practices to move your company forward. 

Scale & Maintain Healthy Operations & Culture

Two words everyone in the HR world knows all too well are “recruitment and retention”. Why are these two aspects so elusive? Visioning, strategic plans, and guiding principles are only useful if implemented properly and if they are constantly tweaked and tailored to meet the changing needs of a changing workforce to maintain a healthy operating culture. Every workplace, church, school, nonprofit, household, etc. has its own operating culture. Assessing your own operating culture internally, without autonomy or in an atmosphere that is void of equity, can be extremely challenging. Assessment and occasional revision is necessary because great employees don’t stay in toxic work environments. I can help with organizational assessment, data collection, equity surveys, and DEIB surveys. It is our mental models that keep toxic work cultures in place. This aspect of culture shifting is one of the most challenging and pervasive aspects of this work. However, this can be done through fostering a solid internal team and equipping them with tools, the necessary equity, and accountability to move the work forward. I can assist in building the proper internal protocols for your company to thrive in today’s climate and to assure that you are prepared for the pivots that lay ahead, as they surely will come. 

Speaking & Workshops 

Kat is an adept and seasoned orator with over 18 years of public speaking experience. Speaking in a variety of capacities including public and motivational speaking, keynotes, conferences and workshops. Topics have included: leadership, community engagement, positive youth development, poetry/spoken word, diversity/equity/inclusion and belonging (DEIB), race and intersectionality, faith and spirituality, Christianity, faith and sexuality, identity, addictions, and working with vulnerable populations. As a facilitator, she has created, led, and implemented group sessions, workshops, training, and plenary sessions for small and large entities in the public, private and governmental sectors. Kat exhibits excellence in approaches that are engaging, therapeutic, educational, and artistic. Places where you may have seen Kat speak include; Northeastern University, Harvard University, Northern Essex Community College, U.S. Committee for Refugees, Immigrants (USCRI) National Network Conference, The Council of Churches, and the Providers Council to name a few.

Roundtables, Talks & Speaking

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